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On January 28, 2019, we lit the first stage:
A birthday project.

Instead of bringing gifts, the guests donated my birthday party. For a workshop, Juli 8, 2019, with 20 participants. With ten refugees, with seven young handball players. With Munich street art artist Matthias Mazal Mross. And with Uwe Gensheimer, the most famous German handball player of our time.

With spray cans, paintbrushes and lots of enthusiasm, these people painted a wall. The artist gave the rough outline - and the participants did their best. None of them had ever designed a facade. No one was better, no one had an advantage. In front of the wall they were all the same.

Claus Geiss was there with his camera. We talked to the participants. And learned a lot. BALLWALL is more than „just“ a workshop. Integration works best when it is not only demanded but actually practiced.

We will go on. In other places. With other people.

The refugees have long been distributed to new whereabouts throughout Germany, we do not know where they are now. But we still have the pictures and statements of this action. Pictures and statements that may be carried on.